Cookie & Device Settings

When you use a website, you can control how cookies are used to collect information about your browsing activities. For example, you can enable cookies within your web browser, delete them, or prevent them from being dropped. It is important to note that cookies are specific to your device and your browser. You may need to repeat the process if you have multiple devices or use more than one browser on a device.

Manage how your data is shared through cookies and devices

Note that if you disable cookies, you may not have access to features that make your online experience engaging and fun. Beyond this, some of our websites may not function properly without cookies.


Cookies are configured in your browser settings. Since cookies are specific to your device and your browser, the cookie choices you make on your personal device and browser may need to be done again if you have multiple devices or use more than one browser on a device.

To view instructions on how to configure your settings, select your browser from the list below.

Google Chrome
Internet Explorer

This is a list of most major browsers. If you do not see your browser listed, please refer to your browser’s documentation about cookies.


You can also make choices about how your data is collected and used on mobile devices. This is done through the device settings. iOS and Android mobile devices allow you to configure your data sharing preferences with third parties. Please refer to your device manufacturer’s specifications to manage your preferences directly on your mobile device.

iOs Devices
Android Devices