Data Sell and Share Opt-out

At WarnerMedia we do not sell personal information for monetary value. In some circumstances we transfer personal information to third parties as part of a mutually beneficial business relationship. Taking concepts from California law, “sale” is the disclosure of personal information in exchange for anything of value. “Sharing” is the use of personal information collected by third parties to help serve advertising tailored to your interests. We provide the ability to opt-out of the sale or sharing of your personal information with third parties using your email address below.

You provide your information and submit the form.

We will email you to verify your email address. We do this so that we act on the request for the correct person.

We’ll use your email address to search our systems and exclude your personal information from future selling or sharing with third parties.

Your Email

To prevent the sharing of your data, please provide your email address. We’ll search our systems to make sure you’re excluded from third-party data sharing based on your email address.